GeirHeads LLC is a small investment, consulting, and advisory group specializing in brokering high technology ideas and products with investments for the ever growing digital economy. The company is operating in Palo Alto, California located in the middle of Silicon Valley.

GeirHeads has a syndicated group of consultants and investors that have proven track records and expertise. Clients are in the specialized information technology space and are ranging from “pre-startup” firms to large international corporations. The group has strong connections with technology companies (small and large), venture capital firms, and enterprise IT management.

Recent work experiences are in the areas of work including Security Model Transformation (Security Technologies, Operations, Policies), Cloud Service Architecture (Private/Public Cloud, SaaS), Information Strategies (Big Data, Integrations, API Models, Internet of Things), Mobility Deployment (Technologies, Development, Policies), and Communications Transitions (Voice, Video, Data, Media).

GeirHeads is headed by Geir Ramleth – a senior executive with extensive background in strategic and general management, operations, systems and financial control. He has been directly responsible for large departmental and company “turn-arounds” as well as starting and growing new businesses. His blend of management and technical skills makes him well suited for the challenges of the current business environment. Background includes national and international management expertise.

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